Swot Analysis: SWOT Analysis Of Amul Company

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1.1 INTRODUCTION ABOUT THE INTERNSHIP Generally, an internship includes a conversation of service for understanding between the student and a company. Student can also use an internship to fix if they have an attention in a particular profession, create a network of associates. An internship is a one of the method of on –job training. I have undertaken internship on evaluation of customer satisfaction towards Amul pro at GCMMF in Bangalore. This study is focused towards the product of the Amul Company. Today every organization works hard to gain and keep their customer at any cost, in order to achieve this it is necessary for the organization to study the satisfaction level of their product from customer and meet their expectations and preferences. The study emphases on the customer satisfaction towards Amul pro. The research was…show more content…
Known as the founder of the white revolution in India, Amul has some strong products and brands up its sleeves, strongest of them being Amul ice cream. Similarly, the Milk & Dairy products company has a very in complexity product portfolio including cheese, butter, curd, chocolates, ice cream, and others. However, following are the points in the SWOT analysis of Amul.  Strengths in the SWOT analysis of Amul Very high market share in ice cream - Amul has the highest market share in ice cream sector which more helps the company to move other products into the market. Excellent brand equity - Amul is a reliable brand over the years and the contribution of Amul girl and her outside ads should specifically be stated here. Extraordinary quality management - even though Amul has such a wide and large distribution network, hardly any quality complaints come for Amul. Strong distribution network – This is one company which is strong in urban as well as rural distribution. You will find Amul present even in small towns and

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