Swot Analysis: SWOT Analysis Of IKEA

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Swot analysis is a planned procedure used by an organization in developing strategic plan for goal and mission accomplishment as well as marketing plan. Swot analysis comprises of scrutinizing an organizations strength, weakness, opportunities and treats in its business environments. Swot analysis explores two types of environments. The first is the internal environments and the second is the external environment. The internal environments emphasizes on the strength and weakness of the business and the external focuses on the opportunities and threats. Swot analysis helps an organization to ask question like what makes as strong as an organization or what makes an organization weak. The opportunities that are available in the market
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Typically stronger organization can be brought to bare on greater level of threats than weaker organizations. This is because when you are successful in the running of your business it bread envy and competition to take on what an organization has achieved over the years.
IKEA used the three developmental phases to attain its opportunities over the years. It is realized that they adapted to the market circumstances by ensuring that they trend according to what customers were asking for and what was trending. Secondly after they realized that their products were trending they decided to go into the international market by expanding to other countries.
Their final phase which threw more light on the expansion was to venture into a different terrain that they were not used to which were the Asian countries. This strategy was used to dominate the emerging markets even though the sales made from these countries contributed just 3% of the total sales at all their outlet all over the world .one of the major opportunities for IKEA was the fact that product purchased was flat packed to the destination of your choice at a small fee. Lesson where shown on TV and on the internet on how to do self-installation at home. Apart from that it served as a one stop shop for all furniture or home decoration .This means you do not need to move around several shops to get what you

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