Swot Analysis: SWOT Analysis Of Tourism In Thailand

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Short term effect: giving a really bad image of the country abroad, as people’s awareness is rising, thanks to social media and the fast digital communications. Potential tourists could choose to boycott the country on purpose. Tourists’ habits and concerns are nowadays changing, as the world get more and more concerned about environment and biodiversity.
⇒ Long term effect: protecting animals and biodiversity is important as it represents a complete ecosystems, whose balance is very fragile. If a species or an ecosystem disappear, it will have impact on other species of animals and plants and can create a snowball effect. Thus, it is very important to preserve the environmental balance as it is. Besides, if the country destroys its natural beauty and diversity, tourists would rather go to other countries that
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It is a strategic tool in order to make a diagnosis of an industry, a company or a project.
We will proceed here to a SWOT analysis of the tourism in Thailand, in order to have a better overview of the industry and also to understand what can be improved for the country, based on the previous parts of this thesis and on the Thailand Tourism Report pages 7.

Strengths Weaknesses

- Famous destination

- Well located in the center of Southeastern Asia

- Easily accessible from all over the world thanks to good transportations (flights, trains and busses)

- Diversity of landscapes and activities for each type of tourists

- Investments from the government in this industry - The country doesn’t preserve enough its environment and cultural sites, which could lead to degrade these

- Other countries in South-East Asia develop their tourism very fast and could attract the potential tourists

- The Northeastern region doesn’t welcome many tourists as the transportations network is not enough developed

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