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SWOT Analysis SWOT analysis is a tool which enables the organization to understand its position in the market. Therefore, here are the SWOT Analysis of Samsung to that give an idea of how the company is operating in currently. Strengths * Samsung is very advanced technologically. It has heavy assets of technology. It is known for its technologically advanced products such as mobile phone, tablet, TV/audio/video, camera, camcorder, home appliance, pc, peripherals, printer, memory cards and other accessories. * Samsung heavily invest in technology, product design and human resource. This is because human resource plays a major role for the success of every organization. If without human resource, there will be no product can be…show more content…
* Most of the Samsung products are not user friendly which is a barrier for Samsung to make it market leader. Consumer often hesitate to switch to Samsung products even if the price and quality is exceptional. Opportunities * Samsung could increase its product variation in its products by introducing unique products and existing products with variety. It definitely can attract its target market and get more market share. * Samsung could make an effort to launch creative products first, rather than after its competitors. It should participate in product development and attract more customers. It should also consider participating in various events to attract attention. * As the demand for the cell phone is increasing as compared to other electronic market, Samsung has the huge chance to introduce user friendly mobile phones at affordable price. It would help to beat customers and also to lead market share. Threats * Samsung competitors in electronic market are more dominant e.g. Sony, Panasonic, LG etc in home appliances and Nokia, rim, 3G, etc in mobile phones market so it has to struggle a lot to be the market leader. * Samsung is very scattered as it controls and operates different products while its competitors use their resources and effort on one segment only. Diversification strategy takes a lot of effort and attention compare to single-product strategy which is benefit-focus. * Various companies have

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