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Exercise 1
SAS Enterprise Miner
SAS Enterprise Miner analyses enormous data amount across the organization to provide descriptive and predictive models through data mining process. Through this, useful insights and fact based decisions can be made by analysing complex data.
IBM SPSS Modeler
IBM SPSS Modeler is a data mining and text analytics software application built by IBM. It is a predictive analysis platform which, brings predictive intelligence and research decisions to any organisation.
Comparison between them in some specific terms are given below:
Compared Terms SAS Enterprise Miner IBM SPSS Modeler

 Target users: Design for whom?  Mainly designed for users who need to analyse increased volume of data for critical research and business concerns.
 It includes statisticians, data miners, fraud investigators, business, risk & marketing analyst, database vendors, engineers and scientist etc.  Businesses use it to attract customers and reduce customer churn.
 Public organizations, utilities and energy suppliers, healthcare organizations etc. economic analysts, data scientists and data mining workers
 Mainly designed for who run businesses and customers.
 Supported platforms  Operating system: Compaq TRU64, UNIX, Microsoft Windows 2000-2012, HP UX ITANIUM, Windows NT
 Hardware: Compaq SP700 series workstations running 2 CPU Pentium III processors with 750M of dynamic memory, INTEL 64 or AMD 64 The Windows NT 4.0.
 Database connectivity: Remote desktop

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