Swot Analysis : Social Media

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1- Pinterest SWOT Analysis Strength - Easy to use, find, save and share ideas and pictures among communities or users - Offer a large target market - Enhance creativity and innovations among community - Effective marketing tool for business and individual Weaknesses - Huge appeal to women - Objects posted are mostly related to the user’s private life and interest (family, food, beauty…) - Items pinned have to be linked to a website) Opportunities - Interact and create a good relationship with customers and businesses - Enforce businesses’ reputation - Build a strong, faithful and distinctive community Threats - Huge competition with other social network like Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace, Google+ Twitter and YouTube. - Legal copyright issues in most countries - Ideas shared among community or businesses can be viewed by others. 2- Social media can be defined as a canal with which consumer behavior is directly studied, replicated and mobilized for a business purpose. Indeed the rise of social media has given many positive opportunities to consumers in shaping their life and behavior in different ways. It has changed the way consumers live, shop, communicate, share information, learn and satisfied their needs or purchases (Kotler and Armstrong, 2013). Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are examples of social media used by consumers and businesses to build strong trustworthy bonds and improve the use of digital business in the market environment. Social media
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