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Strategic management is an important part of business planning. It helps create strategies for better performance, profit, and future success. Analysis of both internal and external factors is vital for a company’s proper growth. Culture, the perspectives of the company’s employees, managers, owners and clientele, and the structural and environmental elements that effect the operation of the business are all examined in the strategic management process. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate how to analyze a company’s strategic management process by examining a privately owned, small and local business.

One of the best ways to analyze the management process of a business is through the SWOT analysis. “The SWOT
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Employee Madison Rowland in her interview commented, “We have homemade products (such as ice cream) and serve more than just snowballs (Rowland, 2015).” Unlike the typical snowball stand who typically sells only snowballs, this business serves malts, shakes, nachos, the usual snowballs, stuffed snowballs, and homemade products such as their ice cream and fruit bars. The food they serve is also of excellent quality and is never rushed in the making.
Whereas the majority of stands who are seasonal and only open during the summer, Just Chillin is open all year round and is the only snowball stand in the area that is. They have quite the reputation for their service and products. Customers have been known to come from 30 or 40 minutes away for their snowballs and ice cream. They are said to be the best snowball stand on the Northshore and even have indoor and covered outdoor seating to better accommodate their customers.
The next factor is weaknesses. Quite a few times, weaknesses are merely “the flipside of a strength (SWOT Analysis, 1990-2010).” For instance, a reputation for quality is usually accompanied by a reputation for high prices.
Unlike its competitors, Just Chillin has indoor and covered outdoor seating which was earlier considered a strength. However, sometimes they do not have enough to accommodate all of their customers. In which case, thanks to this age where consumers
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