Swot Analysis : Strategic Planning

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SWOT analysis has been identified as a defective tool used in the strategic planning due to its unsystematic and its non-quantitative nature that which does not have a predictive power. The Meta-SWOT has been introduced as an alternative because it does not consider market as one of the major determinants of the environment, but gives an opportunity in the resources and the potential in establishing the competitive advantage. The Meta-SWOT is crucial in making various decisions and how they can be utilized in future. The resources and capabilities are usually utilized based on the VRO method, they are categorized based on rarity, inability to imitate, and the company. The criteria used to analyze the market are ensured that it matches the…show more content…
The process is also utilized because it is easy to carry out the calculation and obtain the needed solution (Agarwal et al., pg14). The worksheets are used to collect the classification data, which entails the planning of project, and all the plans and goals of the organization in the entire period, which are grouped by the degree of the priority. The assumption that is put into consideration is that the company’s objectives are stated with an aim of obtaining a strategic planning. The factors that lead to the success of the organization are then identified as they play a crucial role in identifying the critical resources to achieve a milestone by various industries, and their significance in the percentage-weighted measurement. In order to come up with a conclusion, the internal factors are first reduced by coming up with the various dimensions in the set of data. It is also important to note that the comparative data can be changed into metric measurements and compared to other available tools due to its accuracy. The use of meta-SWOT is preferred since it has been established as the best tool as compared to other available methods (Bradley et al., pg34). The degree of agreement are elicited to statements such as rarity, which is based on the statement that the competitor may not be

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