Swot Analysis : Swot Case Study Essay

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4 Hussmann SWOT analysis Strengths Weaknesses  Current market leader – holding over seventy percent of the market  Aging work force less likely to take risks  The sole remaining locally based manufacturer in Australia  Outdated internal systems  Is able to manufacture larger quantities than any other competitor – Via global capacities  A lack of coordination between departments  Over thirty years’ experience in the Australian marketplace  High costs of manufacturing locally  World leading research and development abilities in house  Limited customer base  Able to leverage experiences from other countries when needed  Information resides in key staff, changes or losses could severely impact the business  Continuous supply of Woolworths for the last twenty five years  Poor quality control resulting in excessive warranty expenses  A trusted name in the industry Opportunities Threats  Asia is a currently an undeveloped market  Several smaller competitors locally – Importers only  New retailers entering the local market  Unforeseen new product developments making current products obsolete  Extensive competition between existing customers. Who continually seek out points of difference, to separate from each other in the eyes of the consumer  Emerging international competitors entering the market leveraging relations with new supermarket chains  Introduction of new technologies. Enhancing both product presentation, as well as reduce environmental

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