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As we studied in SWOT analysis, all the companies including McDonald’s has its own strengths and weaknesses and future performance is based on these factors that affects the business. Through PESTEL analysis one can find out about the micro and macro environment under which the business operates. Company’s success is based on how it effectively deals with the external factors with the planned strategies. Since the industry environment keeps on changing, I would better suggest if the company predicts those changes and plans out the strategies accordingly and can take advantage of it. Political factors As a maker and dealer of food items, McDonald’s and franchisees are supervised by the Food and Drug Administration, which governs direct…show more content…
India’s economy is stable and a gradual growth can be monitored with increase in GDP growth rate from year to year, for now it is 7% as of Aug 2015. Moreover, the inflation rate is low in India which is good for McDonald’s. As of Aug 2015, inflation rate is 3.78% whereas in June 2011 was 9.6%. India ranks 7th worldwide when expenditure on food is considered. This can be beneficial to the company. The buying power of the consumer has increases, especially in the middle class group and at least it is founded that thrice a month they visit outside restaurants. The best part if there is low setup cost and franchising options available for McDonald’s. Social factor India is the second country with the highest population. Indian culture is totally different and eating habits varies between different states of the country, religions and traditions. There are Hindu which are hardcore vegetarians, likewise Muslims consume only Halal meat and no pork. Beef consumption is not in Indian culture. Also, how and when the food is consumed is also a combination of culture and tradition. More than 50% population of India is under the age of 25, 65% under the age of 35. It is anticipated that, in 2020, 29 years will be an average age of an Indian. Indians are famous to be food lovers and since large population consist of

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