Swot Analysis : Swot Management Team

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Swot Analysis
KHMJ showed several signs of strength through its actions and performance. Most notable was the company’s ability to rebound and learn from mistakes. In business, it’s easy to get behind and lose big to those who have more, but for KHMJ, the company’s management team refused to allow upset to cloud their vision for success and were not left in the dust as one may have guessed in early stages of the six year period. The management team carefully and effectively reviewed and evaluated results. From the evaluation, the company grew stronger and smarter with the team’s ability to implement lessons learned and strategies developed based on former upsets. On top of this, the team was very good at gauging each members’ strengths and weaknesses and were able to effectively respond accordingly to improve on any respective lacking area. Management was able to efficiently and effectively work together to solve problems and react to market volatility. Each member was able to add their own element of creativity and their personal approach to solving business decisions in a useful. Overall, the composition of the management panel and the team’s overall patience combined with its’ strong communication proved to be the company’s most valuable assets.
KHMJ’s main weakness over the past 6 years was low retail sales compared to other companies. Despite increased sales over the 6 years, the increase was not sufficient to get on par with other companies. In…
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