Swot Analysis : Target Corporation

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This paper seeks to describe the Target Corporation, how it carries out its business activities, the products and services offered by the company. The main contents of this paper will be a summary of the business, the market, and the industry. Items to include in this section will be a comprehensive SWOT analysis, a developed marketing environment analysis, and an evaluation of the business’s primary customers, the marketing mix, and an outline of company’s main competitors.
Target Corporation is a public American retailing company in the USA. In addition to offering retailing services, Target Corporation also offers financial and retail services, Target sourcing that helps in the importation of merchandise in the USA, Target Brands that owns and oversees private label products and Target.com, which owns and oversees the company’s e-commerce initiatives such as the Target.com domain
Some of the products offered by Target Corporation include clothing, shoes, jewelry, health and beauty products, electronics, compact discs, DVDs, bedding, kitchen supplies, sporting goods, toys, pet supplies, automotive supplies, and hardware supplies. Moreover, depending on the location, some stores have Target optical, clinics, portrait studio and Target café.
Target Corporation SWOT analysis
Target Corporation has various strengths that enable it to maintain its market share despite the competition in the market industry. First, Target Corporation is the second
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