Swot Analysis : Target Marketing

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SWOT analysis of Target:
Strengths: Target has a lot of services and product as well as red card which use for 5% save and free freight. Company’s website includes entire store and provide plenty of offers in every week. Many features like ability of verifying if product is in a particular location. For client refreshment providers inside target Coffee house. Though, online strike was a black section in Target’s history, still able to sustain clients even after data violation. They provide give 5% of benefit to local neighborhoods.
Weakness: Target customer service- not as delightful as the presentation, low salary with high turnover rate can be a reason of it. Target receives a red dog as a reward instead of a monitory reward. Recent activities have shown little preparedness for prevention against cyber-attacks and fraud activity. In globally, only India has target stores.
Opportunities: Target express in testing and collaboration with designing. Shops, artists, enable red credit cards with master credit cards chip and pin to secure payments. Target carry natural and organic brand, besides the company is developing in Canada.
Threats: Target’s number one competitor is Wal-Mart, which also competition with general retail stores.
Plans to prevent Cyber Attack:
Defending organization’s and customers’ details from crime, lack of availability, or details loss is essential in maintaining your ability to provide essential alternatives to organization and customers. As part of…
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