Swot Analysis : The Infosys

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1. Perform a PESTEL analysis of the IT consulting industry. Political Infosys is an IT consulting company based in India but primarily doing business with North American firms looking to outsource their IT needs. With the rise of the popularity in this form of business between the United States and India, there have been several political factors in both countries that will affect the way Infosys does business. In the US, President Obama made outsourcing a hot topic of his campaign platform. With speeches such as “Say no to Bangalore, yes to Buffalo” he is looking to provide incentives to American companies to keep all of their jobs on American soil, close tax loopholes and eliminate breaks given to companies that outsource to firms such as Infosys. On the flip side though, the US government is also looking to change immigration policies to restrict H-1B visas that would have previously allowed foreign skilled technical workers to be brought in to the US on work visas. While they won’t be eliminating them, they are seeking to restrict them which would force Infosys to hire employees from the US for any work they would be doing in the country and restricting the available talent pool. Meanwhile, the government in India is making changes of their own, particularly with reforming the tax code. To encourage the growth of the Software and Technology fields the Indian government had established significant tax breaks which are now coming to an end. In addition, they have

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