Swot Analysis : The Star Wars Franchise

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Strengths. Though there are several substantial strengths to consider in the SWOT analysis for 2016, the focus of this report will be on three specific strengths, the Star Wars franchise, a new theme park in Shanghai, China, and diversity. All three represent a globally significant effect on long term financial growth and further expansion of the company as a whole due to the cascading effect of each strength into different segments of the company and throughout the customer demographic. The Star Wars Franchise. The strongest asset Disney has in 2016, and likely over the next ten years, is the overwhelming benefits that will continue to be experienced as a result of the Star Wars films. Disney has seen exceptional profits in their…show more content…
(Gensler, 2016) Clearly, Star Wars represents a significant strength for the 2016 analysis and will likely be a strength every year between now and 2020, and some years beyond. Disney Shanghai. Disney experienced a 7% increase in their total revenue from their theme parks during the year 2015. The increase was due to the substantial rise in admission prices at all parks and resorts that topped $100 for the first time ever, and led to an annual passes increase of 35%. (Tobin, 2016) In June, 2016, Disney Shanghai opened after five years in the making at a cost of $5.5 billion, Disney Shanghai is a theme park unlike any other in the world and financial forecasts looked positive in light of the increase in overall theme park revenue throughout 2015. Disney Shanghai represents the future and a new global partnership with China. The park was designed by Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI) using Building Information Modeling (BIM) , to recreate “everything from the Steamboat Willie entrance fountain to Roarin Mountain.” (Gensler, 2016) Disney’s “Imagineers” used the latest virtual reality technology, DISH (Digital Immersive Showroom), to share the ongoing process during the development phase of the theme park and share ideas in VR with partners in Shanghai. The park features 4.5G Wi-Fi from Huawei and China Unicom. Smart phone users will have no difficulty sharing their experiences with on
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