Swot Analysis : The Swot Essay

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The analysis of the SWOT’s for each business identified the forces that influence the strategies that need attention or are innovative. Splitting the columns up into strengths and weaknesses allowed for an objective look at which strategies would prove to be more profitable. The Corporate Dinner initially looks like it is good business with potentially have 350 expected guests. With a time frame of one hour, many drinks will not be poured. Alcohol has a high profit margin, where a lot of money can potentially be made. The average person may have 2 drinks total. The cost of each drink is high which will result in profit. The bartender will just have to push the higher priced drinks to maximize the short time frame. There is an estimate of 350 guests. This could be 50 people or the total 350. Food cost will fluctuate with the number of people attending. You can’t cost out how much each item will be or how much to make per person at this stage with an estimated count. The menu prices are not inclusive of the 23% service charge and the 10% DC sales tax. This means that you will be making money. The service charge and sales tax will be added on top of the initial bill. Charging for parking is also advantageous. That money is a direct profit because each person is paying for their own. There is no one to pay or a middle man, since it is self serve. Most people will use the reserved parking because it is safer and easier. It will probably be dark by the time

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