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Our company mission statement is to be an enduring company by providing the world with quality GPS products and location services for items that are an essential part of our lives. Tri Chip is a Miami based Startup Company founded in 2016 by four FIU students. Aime – Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Oscar – Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Lanette – Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Yalmar – Research and Development (R&D). The company is trying to solve the tedious problem of losing essential items like wallets, keys, phones, backpacks, and etc. Currently Tri-Chip has no employees since items are manufactured and directly sent to distributors or customers. Tri-Chip products are sold at Tri-Chip’s website, Amazon, Walmart and BestBuy locations. Our product, Tri-Chip solves this problem of losing or misplacing items by implementing a small GPS tracker that makes it easier to find your lost items in just a few seconds. Attach, stick, or place our Tri-Chips inside everyday items and keep track of them in the easy to use app. Tri-Chip’s future plans look bright, the company is conservatively projected to sell 300,000 units in the next 3 years. That equates to $9 million in revenue by 2019. Tri-Chip is also planning to conquer different markets like law enforcement, military, and outdoor sports and recreation. Company Description: Tri Chip is a start-up company striving to make all consumers lives easier day to day. This small yet

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