Swot Analysis : Whole Foods Market

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The purpose of this study is an examination of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and treats (SWOT) related to Whole Foods Market, Inc. Much of the research and information originates from the company’s 2014 annual report. The Form10-K, reputable internet sources and the Whole Foods Market company website provided the data and information to establish a complete SWOT analysis. The research and SWOT analysis has been used to recommend a strategy for growth and sustainability of Whole Foods Market. Company Background
Whole Foods Market is a leading retailer of natural and organic foods. The company was created through a merger of two smaller stores, Safer Way Natural Foods and Clarkesville Natural Grocery in
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The new business expansion and diversification has also improved the supply chain by introducing warehousing and e-commerce. In all cases, the mergers and acquisitions where successful due to the similarity of mission and core values.

Whole Foods is well known for creating strategic relationships with their suppliers. The supplier partners create a win-win relationship through integrity, honesty, education which leads to innovation and differentiation. The company achieves environmental stewardship by choosing to do business with suppliers who grow produce naturally, raise free range livestock and wild fish. Whole Foods returns a considerable amount of its profit to both local and global communities, environmental programs, and its shareholders.

As of the company fiscal year end, September 28, 2014, Whole Foods Market has grown to 399 stores and 14.19 billion in revenues. Whole Foods reported strong profits in 2014, including record sales for the year and fourth quarter. Sales increased by 10% with average basket sales up 4.3%. (Yahoo! Finance, 2015a). The outlook remains favorable for shareholders. For fiscal 2015, it’s projecting comparable store sales growth in the low to middle single digits. Whole Foods pioneered the natural and organic supermarket concept and to this day remains the largest chain of its type.

Whole Foods Markets position in the natural food industry is
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