Swot Analysis : Your Iphone 7s

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SWOT Analysis Strength o No Breakage of Phone The strengths of our iPhone 7s/7s plus is that it will be waterproof. This is great for those who are having a bad day, it 's raining and your iPhone just happens to fall out your pocket and land into a puddle or if you 're taking pictures in the pool. In analyzing the article Price D (2015) author stated if the iPhone accidentally slips out of your hands which having a phone that 's waterproof will surely attract customers because they can have a sense of relief (Price D, 2015). Another strength is the face recognition, instead of putting in a 4 digit code or your fingerprint, the iPhone 7s/7s plus will scan your face and that 's the only way to unlock the phone. This is extremely safe in case your iPhone ever gets stolen. People won 't be able to access your information or the personal stuff you have stored on your iPhone. Our iPhone 7s/7s plus offers a lot of exciting features but these are the main ones that we think our customers will be the most excited about. Weaknesses o Lack of Innovation (no significant change) There are many strengths to the new iPhone 7, but like with every great product there are a few weaknesses here and there. Some weaknesses include the price, this company is known for not lowering the price of their products so for some it might seem expensive. According to Bhasin H (2014) author stated another weakness might be the constant software updates, usually there are a few minor bug fixes right after

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