Swot Analysis and Retail Industry Essay

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Table of Contents Introduction 2 PEST analysis of the world 2 Political analysis 2 Economic analysis 2 Social analysis 3 Technological analysis 3 Industry 3 Competitors 4 Issue that caused Woolworth decline and new opportunity 6 SWOT Analysis 7 Strengths 7 Weaknesses 8 Opportunity 8 Threats 9 Issue that caused Woolworth decline and new opportunity 9 Recommendation of new strategies 10 Conclusion 11 References 12 Introduction Woolworths was first opened in Sydney (Datamonitor, pr 1). The company deals with the sale of electronic goods, general merchandise, liquor (Safeway liquor) as well as grocery. One of the major challenges that face the company is competition. This is because the supermarket…show more content…
Facebook have more 800 million users in the world. People can get some free advertisement simply though Facebook’s “Like” and “Share”, it is a good way to promo their goods, also people do not have to spend money on it. So, this is the free promotion for the goods and the effective strategy to expand their product to the world. (K.O. Hara, 2011) Industry The retail industry of Australia is a major catalyst to the economy of the country. Additionally, it is the barometer to the economic health of future growth prospects of the country. The function of this industry is to serve as an intermediary for the producers and offer the services that complement its sales (Smith 33-50). The Gross Domestic Product growth of the industry has also been so strong making the total growth in the industry to be 7,850 million US dollars. The industry has 3,760 businesses, which run 4,340 establishments. The major players in the industry include Woolworths Limited, Coles, Franklins, IGA and the Audi. It is apparent that the industry until now has presented relatively high-to-high attractiveness for the players in the industry (Smith, pp. 33-50). This is due to the high barriers to entry as well as the weak bargaining power of the buyers and suppliers making the profitability very high especially for Woolworths the company in question. Nevertheless, the future environmental changes are set to change the attractiveness of the industry to moderate. This means that even
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