Swot Analysis for Apple Inc

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SWOT Analysis on Apple Inc.
Apple has a very strong and well recognised brand. All of Apple’s products have a very high level of brand awareness and are recognised in all of the markets in which it operates. The evidence of this high brand recognition and awareness can be found by taking a look at the at the sales figure and revenue that Apple generates, For example, the iPad managed to gross in about $5 billion and unit sales of about 7.5 million in 2010, going on to sell a further 7.33 million units in the first quarter of 2011. Another example is the 93% rise in the net sales of the iPhone to generate revenue of about $25.2 billion in the year 2010. Apple’s brand recognition and awareness enables the company to set
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Apple’s keen involvement in research and development has earned Apple the status of innovative market leader, continuously launching products that enhance its brand image, safeguarding its position in their operating markets.
The 2011 financial year figures show that 62.3% of the Apple’s revenue was from two products namely the iPhone and iPad. These two products have been the reason why there has been a surge in growth, revenue and market share for the company and even though figures show that they are on the rise, its constitutes a major business risk for a company like Apple to rely on two products to provide a major part of its revenue in a very volatile and fast-paced technological market.
Another weakness of Apple is that it does not have different products at different price points which limits it from targeting a larger market compared to its competitors such as Samsung and LG. The competition has products at different price points allowing it to target bigger market base as well as price sensitive consumers. Price, at the moment is the only advantage that the competitors have on Apple. There is also the issue of Apple only providing smartphones while its competitors provide both smartphones and normal mobile handsets meaning that Apple is restricted to the 5% market share it holds in the overall mobile handset market. Apple products as well as

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