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Market Research in India


MARKET RESEARCH ON CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY IN INDIA This chapter comprises of the following sections; 1. Introduction 2. Outlook of Construction Industry 3. Overview of the Construction Industry in India 4. SWOT Analysis on Construction Industries in India 5. Problems faced by Construction Industry 6. Leading Construction Companies in India 7. Conclusion

Introduction The construction industry is the second largest industry of the country after agriculture accounting for 11 percent of India’s GDP. Indian construction industry employs 32 million people and its total market size is estimated at Rs. 2,48,000 crores (35,640 million €). The level of a country’s development is reflected by its infrastructure and the
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o DLF has also formed a joint venture with Limitless Holding, a part of Dubai World, to develop a €9 billion or Rs. 630.24 billion township project in Karnataka. o Gulf Finance House (GFH) has decided to invest over € 1 billion or Rs. 70.01 billion in a greenfield site close to Navi Mumbai.

Government Initiatives to help Indian construction industry

o 100 per cent FDI has been allowed in realty projects through the automatic route.

Opportunities in the Indian construction industry o The Indian real estate industry is likely to grow from €7 billion or Rs. 490.03 billion in 2005 to €58 billion or Rs. 4,060.24 billion in by 2015.


Market Research in India




3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000
500 0


This means that the growth of Indian Real Estate Industry will be more than 8 times in just 10 years.

Year 2005

Year 2015

Amount in Rs. Billion


Foreign direct investment alone might see a close to six-fold jump to €19 billion or Rs. 1,329.96 billion over the next 10 years.

SWOT Analysis on Construction Industries in India


o Employment and training opportunities in the field of construction. o Private sector housing boom and commercial building demands Construction of the multi building projects on the feasible locations in the country.

o Good structured national network facilitates the boom of construction industry. o Low cost well- educated and skilled labour force

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