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microsoft SWOT Analysis:
Loyal, hardworking, and diverse workforce (20% minority, 26% women) who, in addition to good compensation, have an opportunity to do well financially through stock purchases Multinational corporation operating through regional subsidiaries to minimize cultural differences in more than 60 countries Relatively rapid product development processes that allow for timely updating and release of new products Revenues and profits rising at 30% a year with merger/acquisition or investment in 92 companies in a span of five years. Software products have high name recognition, broad-based corporate and consumer acceptance (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), and numerous powerful features that are
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ssociation operating through bounded subsidiaries to abbreviate cultural differences in added than 60 countries
New product, Neptune , is a Window 's interface and is an archetype of acute software
Relatively accelerated artefact development processes that acquiesce for appropriate afterlight and absolution of new products

Revenues and profits ascent at 30% a year with merger/acquisition or investment in 92 companies over accomplished 5 years
Software articles accept top name recognition, broad-based accumulated and customer accepting (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), and abundant able appearance that are in use worldwide, thereby announcement acclimation and aggressive advantage through their affluence of affiliation and cost-effectiveness
Top appraisement from Fortune for best aggregation to plan at and a lot of admired company
Windows 95, 98, 2000 series, and Windows NT are globally accepted as the PC desktop operating arrangement with a bazaar allotment of about 88%
World 's better software aggregation with all-around name accepting and able acceptability for avant-garde products

Between 1990-1995, Microsoft administration bootless to accurately ahead the advance or acceptance of the Internet
Bill Gates has become Microsoft 's arch software artist but has not yet developed a essentially new band of products
Dependency on accouterments manufacturers to pre-install Microsoft 's PC operating system
Downside of artefact launches and deadlines
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