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Strength Electronics - Sony is a well-recognized and respected brand with consumers, and its products cover a wide spectrum of the entertainment and industrial markets Threats Electronics - new entrants are threatening sony’s position due to the industry shift from analog to digital technology. In the analog era, complicated functionality of electronics products was made possible through the combination of several complex parts, and Sony held a competitive advantage in the design and manufacture of those parts as a result of its accumulated expertise. In the digital era, however, complicated functionality has become concentrated in semiconductors and other key digital devices. Since, these semiconductors and key devices can be…show more content…
• Information & communications - Among the key products in this category are Sony's VAIO line of laptops and PCs. Growth of VAIO sales have outpaced that of the market, and continued growth is expected due to increased consumer adoption of Microsoft's Vista operating system. Currently, VAIO laptops represent 5% of the market. • Semiconductors - Sony's semiconductor business represents a small component of total revenue. Sony produces several products such as CCD sensors for digital cameras and small form factor LCDs. The most important development within this segment is the CELL processor, a joint development by Sony, Toshiba, and IBM. The multi-core architecture of the CELL processor allows for more efficient performance in multimedia and vector calculation applications. It is designed to bridge the gap between conventional CPUs, which are made by Intel and AMD and specialized processors such as the GPUs found in graphics cards, which are made by nVidia and AMD subsidiary ATI. • Components - Sony makes a variety of components for third-party customers. A large component of this revenue comes from the manufacture of laptop batteries, which are used by major laptop companies such as Dell and Lenovo. Over the last year, Sony recalled a significant portion of its lithium-ion laptop batteries after reported instances of batteries catching fire due to an internal short-circuit. [edit] Games Sony's previous generation console, the PlayStation 2

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