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SWOT analysis of Amazon.com Three major products and/or services that are offered by Amazon that will be the scope of this paper are digital content, retail goods and computing services. Amazon has several competitors in all three products/service lines. In the case of digital content a few major competitors to Amazon include Apple, Google, Barnes & Noble, Hulu, Netflix, brick-and-mortar stores, and direct publishing by content owners. Advantage Amazon has over its competitors in the area of digital content is the idea of "one-stop shopping "for media consumption. Out of all the competitors and so offers the broadest range of different media types, the closest competitor being Apple. Amazon 's music catalog isn 't as strong as apples but…show more content…
• Offering a www.squarespace.com like service to the average consumer, as a gateway into more enterprise targeted offerings.
• Generating a small business focused arm of their cloud services offering that requires little to no IT experience.
• Increasing exposure and awareness.
• Competitors such as rackspace providing more services and generating a price war.
• New entrants into the market that offer similar services with less technical knowledge needed to implement.
• Operating system vendors (such as Microsoft) offering cloud services that have tight integration with their server operating systems.

I used examples of specific products for each product category that I put in the BCG matrix. I also pulled various sources of information that listed market share per product, major competitors and growth rate. The example that I used for digital content was Amazon 's e-book division, as it was the strongest and most well-known. (Labeled on the matrix this would be DC)

The info graphic that I use showed that Amazon had 50% of the e-book market and domestically there was 25% growth per year from consumers buying e-books rather than paperback editions. The combination of these two factors makes the e-book division of Amazon a star, as Amazon by the information that I found had high market share of a high-growth industry. The example that I used for retail goods was the Amazon Kindle android tablet.

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