Swot Analysis of Cloud Computing

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3/2/2011 Marketing and Competitor’s Analysis Report | Muhammad Adil | Trade Dynamics System | SWOT Analysis and Porter’s five forces model | Trade Dynamics System | SWOT Analysis and Porter’s five forces model | PART I PART I Executive Summary: Trade Dynamic System dealing with provision of solutions through developing and providing Cloud Computing based software applications to businesses / Commercial organizations including Profit and Non-profit organizations according to their requirements. Currently our target market is those companies that are dealings in Trading / Exporting and Importing business. Because in today’s competitor world many business have lapse of time to handle their lots of business transactions and day to day…show more content…
Our Vision: Establish secure, easy to use, rapidly provisioned IT services for the businesses, including: * Agile and simple acquisition and certification processes; * Elastic, usage-based delivery of pooled computing resources; * Portable, reusable and interoperable business-driven tools; * Browser-based ubiquitous internet access to services; and * Always on and available, utility-like solutions. Our Mission: Our mission is to help each client’s business, to reach our goal, our purpose and make every business man happy with our best products. We have the best possible worldwide. We had people working to our company to the highest of any company in the world. We guarantee that every Client that comes into play is happy with our product they use. We assure you your beauty and ease of work is our wish. That’s why we are providing software that is integrating all CRM, Accounting, Marketing and Shipment categories in one product on the lowest prices comparing with any Cloud

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