Swot Analysis of Emi

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Table of Contents


Executive Summary 1

Environmental Scanning 1

Forces affecting the Marketing Environment 2

Social Affects 2

Economical Affects 2

Technological Affects 2

Competitive Affects 2

Regulatory Affects 3

Introduction of EMI 3

Macro Environmental Analysis 3

Political Factors 4

Social Factors 4
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They also look at the slow economic growth and the stock market fluctuations are also considers for making the plans.

Technological forces:

The technological changes also effect the environmental marketing planning in which the increased in the use of wireless messaging technology, the growth of smart products and declining cost of productions. The rapid change in technology especially in biological technology regarding the medicine section also influence in marketing planning.
Competitive forces:

The competitive forces regarding the increased focus on empowering the workers to improve their performance also effect the planning and the emergence of fast responsive network corporations also effect the marketing planning’s. The international marketing competition also influences the marketing decisions in this regard.

Regulatory forces:

The marketing planning also influenced by the new legislations relating to digital copyright and intellectual property protections it also have greater concern regarding privacy and personal information collection, new legislation on internet, e-mail
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