Swot Analysis of Ihtti Bar

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Introduction In order to know our school deeply and how students image about the school bar, our group choose school bar for our presentation. This research focus on what school should improve to become a competitive bar in IHTTI. Making the strategy that makes the bar more competitive by analysing bar’s strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats is the main purpose of this research. We are grateful to the staff of the “School Bar”, for their valuable time and information they gave to us, which was very useful for our research. Also we are grateful to the student and staff, who gave us an opportunity to make a survey, which was also useful to complete the SWOT Analysis. What is a SWOT analysis? A S.W.O.T. analysis is a matrix…show more content…
Threats Changes in the external environment also may present threats to the organizations. A threat could be: • a new competitor in your home market • price wars with competitors • a competitor has a new, innovative product or service • competitors have superior access to channels of distribution • taxation is introduced on your product or service In our case, the main threat for school bar could as follows. 1. The competitors from outside: There are many bars, night clubs and cinemas around IHTTI, such as Magic, Highlander, Williams, Paradocs, etc. 2. Amounts of students: There are just 127 students in our school, it’s limited target. 3. Students can drink in their room: Sometimes students just want have their own party in their room, they just buy some beverage from outside. TOWS analysis Any organization must use a rational approach toward anticipating, responding to and even altering the future environment. Identifying and analyzing the THREATS and OPPORTUNITIES in the external environment and assessing the organization WEAKNESSES and STRENGTHS for convenience, the matrix that will be introduced is called TOWS, or situation analysis. (usfca.edu) TOWS Matrix of school bar Internal Factors External Factors Strengths • Suitable location • Variety of choice • Opening hours • Smoking area • Low prices • Vending machine Weaknesses • Location • Small area • Poor design •

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