Swot Analysis of Javanet Cafe

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Strengths The creator and owner, Carl Bruckner, while not indicating any previous experience in the industry, has taken an innovative approach to marketing a widely consumed beverage. Recognizing that coffee has a predictably consistent sales model but is lacking in a unique presentation and marketing angle, he has created a way to draw people in who might otherwise drink coffee at home, at work or at school, while having the same convenience of internet that his business offers. The business plan is laid out in a flow that reads well and provides a logical progression. From an in-depth perspective as to what is lacking in Eugene concerning coffee shops to the various strategies the business intends to sell and market its product and…show more content…
The internet, still in its infancy, has much growth potential to develop new technologies and methods of communication. Provided the company can stay up with these, it can continue to offer new reasons for customers to buy coffee at their shop. Other food service businesses incorporate delivery service into their business model. A look at corporate sales should be examined and whether the location will make this opportunity feasible in the future. Perhaps using the internet for a direct gateway to online ordering would allow this to contribute to the current business model. The development of new distribution channels is only limited by JavaNet’s imagination. Just as in any industry, time, effort, ingenuity and innovation must be exercised to lower running costs and increase profit margin. There is definitely room to do this and based on the owner’s already creative business model, could see the potential of a business such as this. The food industry is constantly developing successful models and coffee shops are no different. We can look at Starbucks and Einstein’s and realize that the market is wide open and consumers are always looking for something better or different. This type of business, with the right management, could eventually franchise and go global. Weaknesses The marketing plan, while suggesting some ideas to market the business, like advertising in local print media, may have to broaden their focus into radio or even online marketing.

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