Swot Analysis of Jollibee Foods Corporation

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Introduction Jollibee Foods Corporation Company Background Tony Tan Cacktiong founder of Jollibee Foods Corporation tells a story about the success story of his company. There are many other stories about Tan and Jollibee that many people didn’t know about, and that would have remained unknown, If Tan hadn’t bested successful entrepreneurs from 30 other countries to win the “World entrepreneur of the year” Award in Montecarlo, Monaco, on May 28, 2004. Tan had always been low-key and media-shy. He was quiet happy to let his lieutenants do the talking for him to the press, actually – but his winning the award from the accounting firm Ernst & Young had forced him to agree to so many newspaper, magazine, and TV interviews later to tell…show more content…
Promotion In terms of promotion, the Jollibee foods corporation promotes their products through advertising in TV commercials and radio stations, Sponsorship, tarpaulins, and promo’s like tipid cards. If they have new offers in purchasing their product, they made it through personal or suggestive selling. Like their latest offer now the “happy plus card”, this card is a reloadable card wherein you can buy their product without paying cash. You can also earn points for rewards. The bigger points you have, the bigger reward you may get. SWOT Strengths of the company 7-Eleven convenience store Company History The 7-eleven chain of stores started when an ice dock operator in Dallas, Texas began selling bread, milk and eggs to customers on Sundays and evenings-when grocery stores were closed- apart from the ice blocks they bought to keep in their boxes at home. The idea for the convenience store chain began in 1927 at the Southland Ice Company in Dallas, Texas. 7-elevens first outlet was known as tote’m stores because the customers “toted” away their purchases (some even lugged Alaskan totem poles in front The name 7-eleven originated in 1946; when the stores were open from 7a.m. to 11 p.m. It wasn’t long before 7-eleven stores were open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Company logo Company Trademark 7-eleven is known for it’s gulp and Slurpee products. It is open 24/7.
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