Swot Analysis of Outrigger Hotels and Resort

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Strengths: Maintaining a centralized management structure with personal interactions of the owner, Roy Kelley (1970’s). Expanding the business and adding more property agreements with 3rd parties and creating international property chain to make the business gain geographic diversity. Creating brand awareness to the budget traveler under their new branch name, OHANA, providing affordable condos. Creating multicultural environments at good locations with multicultural and multilingual employees. Pleasing employees created less turn-over rates and non-unionized labor market. As a result, this created a differentiated service and created priceless appeal. Having good relationships with local tourism…show more content…
Also, it enabled images of the inventory, disaster recovery, and overall IT management. Application development: Having a real-time electronic interface with wholesalers created competitive advantages such as reducing cost. Website enabled to interact with customers on live chat functionality and offered email confirmation, which increased savings in labor and postage costs. After introducing with JD Edwards ERP system for accounting and E.piphany system for analysis, the data were able to collected from Stellex, and forecasted and generated business intelligence both at the source of business and at guest levels. Having involvement from all of the stakeholders - in this case executive leaders - and leading their unique projects with IT created a tremendous advantage within the company. Allocating IT cost to business units, providing SLAs and traditional metrics to measure success were one of their strengths. IS Assessment: Even though Stellex is old, it was able to integrate with PMS/CRS functionalities and electronic interface with distribution partners. But…(continued in weakness section, number 10) Formal technology training with the experienced employees reduced the training costs. Weaknesses: Having huge variation in their portfolio began with adding condominium resorts and created an identity crisis.

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