Swot Analysis of Pacific Science Center Essay

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The Pacific Science Center
The pacific science center is a non-profit museum that deals with scientific artifacts. It is located in the Seattle downtown and just next to the Space Needle. Pacific science center is a popular destination in the state in relation to science. The center focuses on environmental ecology including wetland and nature awareness. The center provides travelling exhibits that includes outreach programs, science education vans and even science on wheels. The center has created a niche market primarily centered on science that relates to understanding the necessity for water and natural ecology. In addition, the center provides an ideal setting to teach individuals that seek to become science
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The application of themes by the firm provides a unique outlook and understanding on the various themes that form part of human as well as general science. Focusing on various aspects of science in relation to the environment provides a pull factor in terms of people seeking to understand the elements vital to the world, as well as what people can do to preserve the balance in the global ecology. Another benefit by the firm is their ideology in being a non-profit organization. This means that the firm does not price people exorbitant fees to tour the center or to use their facilities in order to create an exhibit. Their prices reflect the firm’s costs or paying any necessary costs that apply in the center’s operations. The last strength is its great location. The obvious location which is next to the Space Needle in
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