“Swot Analysis of Project Management in Bangladesh”

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“SWOT Analysis of Project Management in Bangladesh”

August 11, 2012
Shah Md-Al-Emran
Faculty of Business Administration
ASA University Bangladesh
Subject: Submission of “SWOT Analysis of Project Management in Bangladesh ”.
We are pleased to submit my report on“SWOT Analysis of Project Management in Bangladesh”. . This report is a part of Project Management (MGT411) to complete our BBA program.
We have prepared this report under the instruction of you. Though it was a tough job but it’s a great pleasure to perform the task and it enrich my knowledge. We have given our sincere effort to complete the report. We don’t copy anything from anywhere. Finally we are submitting the report and will be grateful if you kindly
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• To determined the investment opportunities.
• To describe the resource utilization of project in Bangladesh.
• To estimate the challenges of project management in Bangladesh. Specific objectives: There are some specific objectives which are given below:
• To determine the strength of project in Bangladesh.
• To systematic, planning and organizing control of project.
• Information about strategic information of project.
• Identify the problems of project management in Bangladesh.

D. Methodology: We have use two methodology to prepare our term paper, these are given below:
1) Primary data
2) Secondary data
Primary data: primary data is collected from the following way:
• Face to face conversation with different project managers and personnels

Secondary data:
Secondary data is taken by using following sources:
• Information from different articles about project management in Bangladesh
• Information from the book of project management.
• Research data about project management.
E. Limitations Limitations which we have faced while we are preparing this report are given below:
• Lack of information.
• Lack of co-operation of different project personnel.
• Lack of knowledge.
• Limited time for collect data.
Chapter 2: project management
A. Project Management
Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, securing, managing,