Swot Analysis of Railway Transportation

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1.1 Study objective * To fulfil the requirement of this module, Introduction to Land Transportation and Railways mode * The objective of this study is concerned with identifying Analysis of Railways Transport. * To gain extra knowledge on Land transportation that will help me now and in the future.
1.2 Scope
The first step concerns of introducing Land transport and Railways mode. Second step is showing the Strength and Weakness Analysis of Railways then discuss in details on Strength and Weakness points.
1.3 Introduction
We use various products in our daily life. But do we know where are they produced? Many of them are produced at different places far away from our locality. So how do we get them? These are carried on from all
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Therefore by using the train, air pollution was minimizes.

* Large Capacity
Since train can be long by adding wagon or carriage and will have a huge capacity, it is possible to handle a large amount of freight transportation and also passengers to one place to another. In KTMB, trains are capable to handle large amount of cargoes and up to 300 passengers per trip.

* Long Distance
Trains are design for either short or long distance of travelling. From one point to another, modern train can be faster than cars to reach a destination. Since KTMB has a long track of 1699km, it is easy for traveller from the north of Perlis to travel to the south of Johor with ease. Thus without wasting time, effort and cost, traveller can relax by travelling on train.

* No Road Congestion
Road congestion is a major issue in every city around the world, spending time on road congestion are often frustrating and waste of time. Since rail transport can travel on its single track without much obstacle, it is free from road congestion. Publics in Kuala Lumpur often take KTM Commuter to work as a mode of transport to avoid the heavy traffic in pick hours of Kuala Lumpur.

3.1.2 Weakness * Crowded
Although train are free from road congestion, it is impossible for people to avoid the crowded situation in the carriage during peak hour. It is worst when the air-conditioning system was failing or the people around are sweating or dirty. In Malaysia,

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