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Marketing Plan Sony Ericsson Mobile Communication | | | | | | | Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 3 2. Current Marketing Situation 4 2.1 Market Summary 4 2.2 Competition 6 2.3 Product Offering 7 2.4 SWOT Analysis 9 2.5 Critical Issues 10 3. Market Strategy 10 3.1 Misson 10 3.2 Marketing Objectives 13 3.3 Financial Objectives 13 3.4 Target Market 13 3.5 Positioning 15 3.6 Marketing Mix 15 4. Fiancials 18 4.1 Sales Forecast 18 4.2 Expense Forecast 20 5. Controls 21 5.1 Implementations 21 5.2 Contingency Plan 22 6. Conclusion 23 7. References 24 8. Appendixes 30 1. Executive Summary In the following report, we are presenting the marketing strategy of Sony Ericsson Mobile Communication. Sony…show more content…
Marketing Needs Sony Ericsson is providing phones with wide range of rich feature to cater different purposes to their customer’s daily activity. They should seek to fulfill the following benefits that are important to their customers: * Product Designs: Besides the functions of the phone, consumers will look at how the phone is being designed. They will choose a phone design that suits their working status in the society (Foged 2010). * User friendly software designs: In a society where time is money, speed of the phone is essential for consumers to be constantly intact with the society. Phones with high speed processors and long lasting battery life will attract most consumers. * Customer Service: Human touch, more outlets, good accessibility, self-service software version upgrade to keep up with the new release of other smartphones. * Wide range of application service: The phones should not only provide the basic needs like talking, text messages and camera but they should also provide users with informative applications (San Diego 2011). Market Trends In today’s society, the popularity of smartphone has increased and also shown to have taken up a significant market shares. There was a report that shows more than 296 million smartphones were shipped last year (Reisinger 2011). An editor, Scott Steinberg, at Digital Trends had mentioned that smartphone acts like a mini-computer in our pockets (Mombert 2009). At

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