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The patriarch, Jose Isaac Hernandez, was a survivor. As a young boy he experienced the death of his mother and two siblings. As an adult, he saw the demise of his young first wife. Now a husband once again - to his second wife, Marta, a daughter of a Bulakeño businessman - Jose needed to exercise the resilience and creativity he had learned as a young boy. His family was caught in the middle of the second war of the 20th century. As his motor shop declined, he traded goods and made and sold soaps and combs. After all, he had to come up with ingenious ways of putting food on the table.
During the Japanese occupation, Jose was obliged to service engines and fix firearms of both the Japanese and the guerillas. With his keen sense of
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Marta was the Secretary and Treasurer monitoring collections and her agri-business ventures. Eugenio was General Manager since he finished Commerce at Jose Rizal College, as working student supported by Jose. Eugenio’s significant role, especially liaison, finance and realty was complemented by Asuncion as Corporate Secretary in the new realty company incorporated on March 19, 1970.

Victory Liner Inc. proved to be one of the more reliable public transport companies in the Philippines. The company gained a reputation for its clean buses, terminals, courteous and properly groomed crew. “Ang Kayo ay Mapaglingkuran ay Amin na ring Kasiyahan” was the slogan in the 1970s. VLI also transferred to its current location at the north end of EDSA near the Balintawak Bonifacio Monument.
As the old saying goes, “Success is not success without succession.” Jose and Marta knew that one day the business will go to the next generation, and they had to prepare for this.

Bernabe, worked full time with his father, skipped intermediate school, ventured into jeepney body building and became Shop Superintendent. Amador emigrated but Jose Jr. established a tools and machine shop. After college, Gerarda was Controller, supervised her

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