Swot And Evaluating Volkswagens Business Strategy

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STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT Introduction The purpose of the assignment is to analyse and evaluate Volkswagens business strategy’s currently being pursued by using Porter’s generic strategic framework. Also, identifying the resources and capabilities that reinforces the value chain and analyse the implication of Volkswagen strategic decision using suitability, feasibility and acceptability. Volkswagen installed software in vehicle to cheat in emission test showing the cars emission was safer and cleaner to the environment than they were. Installing false software 's into 11 million cars around the world. They did this for at least 6 years. (Telegraph, 2015). Once the scandal was discovered some of the issue which Volkswagen faced were: Switzerland banned the sale of VW’s diesel cars. Australia halted sales of some Volkswagen models. After Volkswagen confessed to the emission scandal within hours of opening to the stock market £12.7bn was erased of Volkswagens value. Shares dropped more than 30% in two days (BBC News, 2015). Strategies A business strategy is a set of important choices which outline long term aim and objective for the business, its value proposal in the market, how the company plans to build and sustain a competitive advantage and organisation of themselves (Lasserre, 2012, pg.29). The determination of business strategies is to develop and maintain a competitive business scheme in selecting the right market which can lead to economic value establishment. Economic

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