Swot And Pestel Analysis Of Hulu

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SWOT & PESTEL SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS TV show abundance Partner with ABC, NBC, FOX ‘Criterion Collection’ – classic movies WEAKNESSES Ads Limited movie selection Limited streaming capabilities OPPORTUNITIES Better TV series content International growth Sports partnerships Mobile device industry THREATS Netflix/Amazon Cable TV Illegal streaming Strengths: · TV show abundance – moving into their own live TV provider · Has recently started offering subscription services from ABC, NBC, and FOX. · Criterion Collection Weakness: · Too many ads · Limited movie selection · Can only stream on one device once Opportunities: · More interesting original series; Netflix has very popular ones such…show more content…
Another weakness is their lack of movie selection since they are primarily focusing on TV shows. Competitors, such as Netflix, dominate in the movie category, making it hard for Hulu to make a higher known presence. Opportunities: Hulu should focus on the ability to engage its audience in interesting and captivating content for original TV series. We saw with Netflix the premiers of popular TV shows such as Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. Hulu could also negotiate harder when it comes to content deals with different TV networks. Another opportunity for succeeding in this market is the distribution of channels offered for Hulu such as entering in the mobile device or iPad world. Consumers are using these products more and more every day to watch videos. One way to accomplish this could be receiving permission from well-known cell phone carriers and creating apps for mobile devices to make this opportunity possible. Threats: Though it’s not a direct competitor because it’s doing way better than Hulu, Netflix is still a huge reason why people are not signing up for Hulu. In price, there’s not much difference with the two, but the content of Netflix has produced some of the most critically acclaimed shows such as: House of Cards, Stranger Things, and Orange is the New Black. Cable TV can also serve as a threat to Hulu if you look at DirectTV for example it has the same features of

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