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Why Australia to get real in population:
Theory Assumptions back ground literature: Population growth is one of the most important thing for the countries planners, economist and obviously for the government to plan for next 50 to 100 years.
Australian population growth is as per time clock estimates in April 2015 as 23 795 442. This is totally assumed and estimated based on last census in 2006. One birth in every 1 minute and 44 seconds
One death in 3 minutes 27 seconds
Above data shows that birth rate is very low as compared to the death rate
To overcome this situation the planners have no other choice to bring the skilled labor force through migration which is about one person every 2 minutes and 13
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The ‘ageing in place’ of residents in the area into the 65+ age groups.

Another factor of the aging in Australia is the life expectancy is increased from 1980 because of good medicines, good health care programs, good food and good environment.

The Australian Treasurer’s series of Intergenerational Reports has clearly demonstrated this with its Three P’s mantra. The impact of ageing on the Australian economy needs to be offset by initiatives in Population, Participation and Productivity – especially the latter. One could also add a fourth P – Planning.

To overcome the problem which will be faced in next fifty years the introduction of the baby bonus in 2004 was designed to provide financial assistance to families
Besides this in 2005 family benefit has also been introduced and a child development allowance has been introduced. This was done to boost natural growth.
By all these procedures an increase in fertility is seen from 1.76 to 1.95 child per women till 2008 but later it drops down to 1.89 and now it is moving around these figures since then.
As it is seen natural population growth rate is almost half of the death rate so to stabilize the economy more and more skilled labors are being migrated from other countries. Migrants therefore enhance the vitality, virility and longevity of the pool of labour supply, and through a higher tax take and
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