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STBen and Jerry’s Ice Cream SWOT Analysis and the Causes of Success SWOT analysis is a very useful technique for understanding internal and external environment of the business based on its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. SWOT analysis on Ben and Jerry’s, we can see the secrets of its success and what are areas for growth. Strengths: 1. Ben and Jerry’s has a well-funded and large-scale parent company. 2. Ben and Jerry’s has a good reputation of the high-quality products. 3. Ben and Jerry’s has the various and innovative products. 4. Ben and Jerry’s is a powerful brand with the high market share. 5. Ben and Jerry’s has a well-known social responsibility and environmentalism. 6. Ben and Jerry’s ensures…show more content…
High market share help Ben and Jerry’s take the initiative. Ben and Jerry’s has been working on charity and environmental protection. This is the key difference above other brands. Ben and Jerry’s not only put much money into public every year, but also promise to produce eco-packaging. Their foundation awards about $1.8 million annually and charity events beyond count. Advertisement is the most effective way to inform and persuade the consumers and charity is the best advertisement, it has longer term efficacy than media advertisement. The employees are major wealth of the business. Ben and Jerry’s through different ways to encourage their staffs, such as high salaries, Ben & Jerry 's livable wage benchmark was $15.34/h in 2011 and far above the USA minimum wage was $7.25/hr. (B&J USA homepage, 2011) Besides, extra premiums, staff health programs and community garden all can improve the employees empower and motivate. Employee satisfaction is a factor of Ben and Jerry’s success as well. To sum up, business success not accidental and lucky, large parent company, good reputation, innovative products, powerful brand name, high social responsibility and employee satisfaction are the causes of Ben and Jerry’s success. But there are no excellent companies, Ben and Jerry’s is no exception. Firstly, as a profit making organization, Ben and Jerry’s puts

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