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SWOT Analysis

December 22, 2014
Jamie L. Welch

SWOT Analysis In any business, there are factors that you have to examine to decide how effective a business will be. Among these factors are strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Each of these must be fully examined to determine whether or not the business is able to survive. In the business plan for “Mike’s Trucking Service”, there is evidence of all of these factors.
When looking at the strengths in Mike Smith’s business plan, the first one that is noticeable is simply his motivation. He does not aspire to be a decent trucking company. Mike wants to be one of the largest trucking companies in the United States. Another significant strength is the found
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Luckily, Mike’s is aware that they will face this issue and have already made it a point to ensure that the customers that do use their services are pleased.
While being a new business does have its downfalls, it also comes with many opportunities. The lack of prior indication of customer service means that people are going to be more willing to give them a chance. After all, no reviews are better than negative reviews. This will give them a chance to provide wonderful customer service and gain referrals from pleased customers. An even bigger opportunity lies in the fact that the business is a trucking company. While they are starting in Dallas, they are looking to eventually expand beyond the metroplex. Due to the nature of the trucking industry, the business could potentially expand all over the continental United States. The possibility for such huge expansion will be a great opportunity for the company as it continues to grow.
Mike’s Trucking is going to face threats as they get on their feet. Trucking is a huge industry and there are already numerous companies that provide the services that Mike is offering. Many of these companies even target the same industry – food. Not only are there a large number of providers that target the food industry, there are also providers with a large number of trucks and years of experience as a

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