Swot Of Wrigley Company

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Swot analysis Strength • Loyal customer base - The Wrigley Company has many loyal customers. As company expands their customer base and gain experience satisfying their customers grow normal to the business achieve a certain task for them. The company or product’s brand name may even coordinate with the task the customer uses it for. In fact, as long as customers continue to be satisfied with their purchase, the act will brand the company to achieve a certain task to be normal. To deal with the challenge to improve the availability of products with the latest technology combined with in-depth analysis, Wrigley not only increases sales in the short term, but also experienced customer loyalty where it is the key to maintaining the income and money market leadership. • Leading market position…show more content…
These brands include Orbit, Extra, double mint, Big Red, Hubba Bubba, Big League Chew, Rescue, Eclipse, Freedent, and more recently "5" gum. This is part of the brand's most famous and popular in its category. While Wrigley opened an invention of new things center in 2005, was honored brands have been given a lot of attention lately. It also improved the taste and packaging along with driving brand extension business. Extra Fruit Feelings,examples include sub-brands and new products came out Eclipse Breeze in October 2009. From the point of branding, Wrigley is also developing new brands, as can be amazing brand that is known as ‘5’.” Multinational chewing gum manufacturer Wrigley Company has broken ground for a new $5.8 billion factory in Mavoko as it aims to double its production capacity and cement its leading position in the market” from BUSINESS DAILY –May 6,
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