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Business Management , Individual Assignment 1 C.P.U.T. Short Course in Supply Chain Management 3/19/2015 George Wilson | Table of contents | Index Number | Table of content | 1 | Objective | 2 | Overview | 3 | Vodacom’s Vision and Values | 4 | SWOT Analysis based on Vodacom | 5 | Resource allocation in Vodacom | 9 | Leadership in Vodacom | 10 | Controls | 11 | Conclusion | 12 | Glossary | 13 | Objective This assignment focuses on the practical application of management theory to a work environment and organisation. Focus will be on: * Strategic Planning * Organising * Leadership * Controls Vodacom Group LTD will be focussed on in the assignment.…show more content…
* The net revenue of Vodacom increase yearly. * The increase in the revenues was attributed to the increase in the demand for data services. * Vodacom’s strong financial performance provides a strong base for the company to pursue future growth opportunities. Strong market position * Vodacom enjoys a strong market position in South Africa over its peers. * It had approximately 30 million customers in FY2013. * According to the industry estimates, the company had 50% of the market share in South Africa. The company has a leadership position in South Africa in terms of number of subscribers. * The company’s data offerings and the M-Pesa also strengthened its market position. Neotel’s acquisition further strengthened Vodacom’s position in the market. * Vodacom’s established market position provides the company with several competitive advantages related to scale Weaknesses Declining ARPU * The company witnessed a decline in the average revenue per user (ARPU) during 2011-14. * The prepaid ARPU declined at a compound annual rate change (CARC) of 15% and contract ARPU declined by 10% for the period 2011-14. * The decline in the ARPU was attributed to higher prevalence of lower usage telemetry and data SIMs, the reduction in mobile termination rates (MTRs) and lower out of bundle spend from contract customers. * The decline in the ARPU will have a detrimental impact on the

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