Swot Pestel & Porters 5 Forces on Ceylon Cold Stores

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PESTEL, Porters Five force Model & SWOT -

Ceylon Cold Stores


1. Introduction

2. SWOT Analysis

1. Strength

2. Opportunities

3. Weaknesses

4. Threats

3. PESTEL Analysis

1. Political & Legal

2. Technological

3. Economical

4. Social & Environmental

4. Porters 5 Forces

1. The power of Buyers

2. The power of Suppliers

3. Competitive Rivalry

4. The threat of Substitutes

5. Threat of New Entrant

5. Recommendation

6. Reference

1. Introduction

Ceylon Cold Stores Limited (CCS) is a Sri Lanka-based company which was originally known as The New Colombo Ice Company and was
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The process in which Elephant Ginger Beer, Cream Soda and other soft drinks are manufactured the organisation has been able to have steady rate in producing the items.

Brand Presence across the Globe

Elephant soft drinks especially EGB and Cream Soda have continued to be hugely popular among the migrant Sri Lankans who patronise ethnic stores across Australia, Europe and the Middle East. Elephant carbonated are now exported t0 25 countries.


Hybrid products and new products

Elephant House soft drinks have a wide opportunity in bringing up new products. They recently put out a new beverage Apple Soda which popular among the people and was a huge success, like wise Elephant house can come up with new products which will boost their ever growing popularity. Such a new product can be a hybrid beverage.

Product Distribution in North and East

The end of 3 decade civil war brings new opportunities to company to expand its distribution of beverage products locally. The carbonated beverage market has been relatively low in the North and the East. Therefore the Elephant House soft drinks can expand it in a massive scale.

New Automated Technology

The modern era of producing uses automated technology. This is efficient and more productive. Elephant House soft drinks can move into this path grows and expands its production. For an example a new bottling will the

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