Swot Study And SWOT Analysis Of Tata Motors

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India is a developing country and is have lot of population with middle and lower middle class. Two -wheeler is most affordable vehicle for personnel ownership. Many couples with kids travel in single two wheeler. It was Ratan Tata’s dream to have a car, which these families can afford [3].
2.1 Background study and SWOT analysis of NANO car
2.1.1 About TATA MOTORS [1]
TATA Motors is India’s market leader and largest automobile industry. It is established in 1945. First TATA vehicle rolled out in 1954 and today over 8 million vehicles ply on Indian roads. Consolidated revenue for 2013-14 is INR 2,32,834 crores (USD 38.9 billion). Over 60,000 employees will work in TATA Motors.
TATA Motor’s manufacturing facilities spread across
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This helps in making decisions about product issues and strengths.
Strengths of Tata Nano: [4]
1. First innovations in global automobile industry. Set a bench mark.
2. Low price
3. High fuel efficiency, suited for all weather.
4. Brand name and vast experience in automobile industry
5. Stylish appearance and colors
6. Environmental friendly
7. Low parking space.
Weakness of Tata Nano: [4]
1. Low engine capacity.
2. Small tyres
3. Airbag and power steering not available in basic models
4. Difficult to drive in hilly areas
5. Poor engine cooling. Which creates over heating issues
6. Manual window up-down
7. No headlight levelers
8. Fiber body
Opportunities for Tata Nano [4]
1. Created world wide appeal in automobile market
2. Diesel and electric variants
3. Developing low cost engine oil
4. Bikes can be motived
5. Use in place of auto rickshaw and city taxi
6. Royalty
7. Motivate used car market
Threats for Tata Nano [4]
1. Competitors like Reva an electric car, Bajaj, Chery, General Motors, Maruti Suzuki
2. Fluctuating oil prices
3. Government regulations on taxes
4. Increasing cots on raw materials and
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1,00,000 and cost is increased to Rs. 1,50,000 in 2010 [8]. Competitors for NANO car in price are used car market and small cars like Maruti 800. Also NANO car has potential to attract two-wheeler users. Cost of NANO car should be competitive for all these segments.
2.3.3 Promotion Strategy
Tata admitted that, promoting and placing NANO car as world’s cheapest car was to blame for in failure in gaining success [11]. Positioning car is very important and it should give positive impact for the customers. NANO car should be promoted as “safe” alternative to attract two-wheeler customer. And TATA Motors already started promoting it as “smart city car” instead of cheapest car to attract urban customers. Its price, safety and car image should be collectively promoted to send a message to customers to be proud of having it. Social media also should be used to for promotion.
2.3.4 Distribution
TATA NANO will compete with two-wheeler customers as well as small car users. It is important to have sales network in tyre-II cities and small towns. People who know how to buy a two-wheeler should also know with same ease how to buy a TATA NANO car. Exposure of two-wheeler customer to NANO car will increase its sales from that

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