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Sana ELHACHADI Student ID : Y1612.130021 CASE STUDY: COACH COMPANY Executive Summary Found in 1941 in Manhatan New York, Coach was at that time a small family business of crafted leather goods. By time it has considerably grown becoming one of the leader brands in the US. In the year of 1985, Coach Company was sold to Sara Lee Corporation, since that time, it had remarkably expended its product’s portfolio including more items such as luggage and accessories. And also entered new markets like Italy, Japan or Germany. In the 2000s, the company became a publicly traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange and it launched in the Asian and European markets using the multi-channel retail network as a key to ameliorate its image internationally.…show more content…
• The potential of African market; the pocket for mid-class and high-class people. • Presence of strong metropols in the continent with eventual customers. SWOT analysis for the African Market : STRENGHTS WEAKNESSES -Recently established market. -Rapid growth in economy. -Rapid growth in population&urbanization. - Strong metropols of the continent. -Low living standards. -Safety problems in parts of the continent. -Feasibility of changes in the economy of the continent. OPPORTUNITIES THREATS - Advantage to be the head company of its industry. - Middle-class and high-class customers. - Get ahead of competitors. - Suitable location options. - Migration of high-class people. - Flow of money to more secure countries. Overviewing the SWOT analysis and the advantages that the African market is potentially offering to Coach company, in one hand, a licensing for strategic partnerships in the continent with a win-win benefits that may lead to management facilities and new opportunities with shared and common values is one of the most significant ways to approach the concerned markets. On the other hand, developing marketing and advertising campaigns could be beneficial to reach more customers depending on the social age segmentations of the

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