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Swot analysis


Swot analysis focuses on the internal and external environment of our business, examining strengths and weaknesses in the internal environment and opportunities and threats in the external environment.
Swot Analysis is a very effective way of identifying our strengths and weaknesses, and of examining the opportunities and threats we face. Swot analysis looks at the factors which affects the success or failure of our business.

Our company’s strengths includes the following

* We have a well motivated workforce.

* Well and good established types of products.

* Our young enterprise group has a strong sales force.

* Some students in my group have past sales experience.

* We can also
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* We could expand or extend.

* Our local competitors could have poor or lower quality products than ours.

* We could seek better supplier deals.

* Our competitors may be slow to adopt new technologies.

* We could also change our consumers taste.

The treats against our company includes the following

* Competition is the biggest threat facing our young enterprise group, a company producing similar products as ours is Claire’s accessories in which they sell gift products, fashion accessories like ladies hand bags, head bands, jewelleries. Etc. this store is located at Romford market.

* Change in consumers taste, this may make consumers stop buying our products.

* Change or reduction in population of students

PESTEL analysis is used to scan the political, economic, social, technological environment within which the company operates in order to identify changes in trends. This might include change in fashion of students, new type of products and services, change in life style.
Identifying PESTEL is a useful way of summarising the external environment in which our business operates.

Political factor affecting the young enterprise business

The government affects our business locally since we will not be exporting our products outside UK we would only be affected locally.
We would need to collect local permission from
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