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Swot analysis of Tesco plc We all know Tesco as a food retailer, and we know that they are in constant competition with other retailers such as Sainsburys and Asda, yet we do not know much about what goes on beyond the shelves and the tills, the marketing plans and the day to day tactics that have to be devised to stay the number one food retailer in the United kingdom today. I am going to analyse Broughton Parks Tesco and their possible competitors Swot Analysis Firstly, four main goals, under which these particular four are Strengths: 1.     Tesco is about a strong UK core business. Last year the industry saw some very marginal growth as a whole, however Tesco continued to grow beyond the market by offering…show more content…
Instead they use Customer Insight, to drive their actions, and to focus their starting point for all the different strategies. They have Club card segmentation data, which can give a real insight into Customer profiles and their shopping habits. Tesco use the Organics, Finest and Value brands to deliver to customer needs. Their Customer Plan delivers the customer part of their strategy. It's an annual activity plan, and is an agenda for customers with these projects forming part of category plans. It is designed to drive trade, and to improve the shopping experience for customers. The Operational Plan is an annual activity plan, including for example upgrading, replenishing systems and better ways to build stores for the future. Lets now look at our store portfolio in the U K. This can be broken down into Hypermarkets, Superstores, and High street & Express stores. Tesco hypermarkets, of which some in the UK are now up to 100,000 sq. f t. such as Peterborough, Watford , have been designed to a footprint which is being used world-wide across our business. They have 277 superstores including Broughton Park, 81 compact superstores, 27 Express stores, 41 Metro stores, and 229 other stores (mainly high street stores, which Chester’s Tesco is). They also have Tesco.com, which has no walls so they could sell houses, garden furniture and trips to the moon! Looking at the number of stores in each category you can see that we have got 659

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