Swot and Pest Facebook

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Facebook Swot and Pest Analysis

Table of Contents * Introduction * Company Profile * SWOT Analysis based in the Micro Environment * PEST Analysis based on the Macro Environment * Conclusions based on in depth analysis * Reccommendations made as a result of findings * Bibliography * Appendix

In this assignment I will evaluate the well known global brand that is Facebook. I will undertake research and analysis into factors affecting the companys internal and external environments using the SWOT and PEST analysis tools.
Facebook is the most powerful social media Network which connects people in no time no matter where they are be in the world. It’s accessible from any place at any time without any cost.
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A good SWOT should look into internal and external factors affecting the issue at hand. http://www.wikiswot.com/swot.htm The advantages of using the SWOT tool for businesses are : * Its a good tool for planning. * It helps a company build on its strengths. * Recognises weaknesses within the company. * Helps distinguish and overcome threats to a company.

SWOT Analysis provides useful information regarding regarding the environment a business finds itself in, ie whats going on right now and its a virtually a cost free way of using that information to make changes in the environment.

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Strength 1- Services
One of Facebook’s greatest strengths are the services it offers to millions of users. Many of these they have been developed internally and are unique to the facebook brand. From its distinctive uniformed layout, to the News feed which keeps everyone up to date with status changes, upcoming events and birthday reminders, to its host games and social plug in’s i.e. The “like Button”.

It is one of the most highly used icons on Facebook. When users post pictures comments or songs and businesses post either a link or an advertisement. The “users” of Facebook can then click to “Like” the item using the iconic button. The idea is to put information out as a “virtual entity” and offer others the opportunity to give their

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