Swot and Pestel Analysis for Ikea Singapore

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Content Page INTRODUCTION -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Case study of IKEA ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 - 6 * Introduction of Company SWOT ANALYSIS of IKEA ------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 - 8 EXTERNAL ANALYSIS (GENERAL ENVIRONMENT - PESTEL) ----------------- 9 - 10 * Explanation of General Environment * Political Forces * Economic Conditions * Socio-cultural Conditions * Technological Changes * Environment Factors * Legal Factors EXTERNAL ANALYSIS (COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT) ------------------------- 11 - 13 * Intensity of rivalry among competitors * The threat of new entrants * The threat of…show more content…
Threats The cost of production of furniture are pretty low at the moment and so, new competitor will surface and it don’t take as much money as it did in the past to set up a furniture company. Economy recession is another factor that will threaten IKEA status as lesser people will be spending their money to replace their existing furniture. External Analysis There will be 2 parts to external analysis; it will be done based on general environment and competitive environment. External analysis is basically analyzing the factors that are not within the control of an organization for the general environment part. As for the competitive environment part, the strength of an organization’s current competitive position, and the strength of a position it is considering moving into will be identified to help prepare itself for every possible happenings in the near future. General Environment External analysis of general environment will be done using PESTEL which refers to how the political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal environment affects an organization. Below will be a diagram of PESTEL, followed by a brief explanation of each factor and their examples. [pic] (Johnson, Gerry, Scholes, Whitthington, 2006) • Political Factors - basically to what extent the government intervenes in the

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